EmployAbility - Realising our Aspirations

People with disabilities make up an estimated one billion, or 15 per cent, of the world’s population. About 80 per cent are of working age. The right of people with disabilities to decent work, however, is frequently denied. People with disabilities, particularly women with disabilities, face enormous attitudinal, physical and informational barriers to equal opportunities in the world of work. Compared to non-disabled persons, they experience higher rates of unemployment and economic inactivity and are at greater risk of insufficient social protection that is a key to reducing extreme poverty.

Those with more complex impairments and learning disabilities and mental health difficulties are the furtherest from the job market. There appears to be very little in terms of provision or programmes that would aid our users to develop work related skills, aid them into volunteering, provide information on self employment or suitable training that can be adapted to suit our users needs. Even employers struggle to see the positive contribution people of disability can bring to their organisations.

We hope our future programmes will make a difference in this area. Our work programmes will work in a personalised way offering information, advice and guidance, career choice and progression.

Specific employability skills including digital inclusion to effectively job search and access the world of work, volunteering, work placements, self employment, new business start up support and supported work.