Haqooq Aspire for more are specialists that offer fantastic projects to schools, colleges and universities to get children, young people and aspiring professionals involved in our work.  

Haqooq Aspire fore More workshops, programmes and project work in creative traditional and modern art forms. It aids learning developing in and educational setting, which develops the confidence and communication skills of pupils with learning disabilities, including those with complex needs. Our team of specialists deliver a broad curriculum through music, performance, touch, taste and smell.  The Creative Art Curriculum workshops cost around £600 for the day. Our staff can work with different sized groups and needs and differentiate work accordingly. In most cases schools cover the cost of the workshops, however, we also have the support of a number of local funders who support us to deliver these workshops without a charge to schools.


 We have had some fantastic achievements, We are registered as an Arts Centre, offering arts based
qualifications and activities across Leeds, increasing our beneficiaries.
Through the HLF WohZamana project :

  •  54 young people qualified and received certificates with Art Awards *Discover
  •  29 young people qualified and received certificates with Arts Awards *Explore
  • For 25 young people, the Arts Award from Haqooq Aspire for More, will be the only nationally recognised academic qualification they will acquire.
  • 62% of the volunteers went on to find paid work
  • 34% of volunteers went on to further education,higher education or further training
  • 71% of all the volunteers and workers were from BAME backgrounds
  • 68% of beneficiaries struggled with multiple disability, impairment and disadvantage