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*This website is currently under construction.  

Important Update on our activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic:   As a result of the quarantine our our activities have moved online.  We understand this is a very difficult time for our our members.  We want to stay in touch, ensure you are safe, support you and importantly provide some exciting and stimulating activities for you to help you through this challenging time.  We have drawn up a full schedule of activities for you all - you can access them all through our facebook group. Please do join us! 


Haqooq Aspire for More is a charity with an aim to increase opportunities and choice for people with disabilities and those struggling with challenges and disadvantage. 

Haqooq aims to increase access to Cultural Arts, Vocational training, Employability, Learning, Independence skills, Qualifications, Social activities and Inclusion. 

Its activities are to promote positive engagement, breaking down barriers to accessibility, empowerment and increase positive perception of our beneficiaries as well as celebrating the positive contribution and achievements they impact. We are here to support people to reach their full potential to live more fulfilling lives.  

Activities at Haqooq
  • Social Activities in the Community

    Haqooq - Aspiring for More
    Lots of Activities to support people towards independent living

  • Creative Horticulture

    Our Mental Health Group use their creativity during Gardening classes

  • Bead Therapy

    Mental Health Classes for Women

  • Volunteers

    Helping and Supporting

  • Trustees that Care

    Ensuring Best Standards

  • Arts and Crafts

    Enjoy Creative Development

  • Splashs of Colour

    Lots of Creative Play

  • Supplementary School

    Helping Children to achieve at School

  • Communicate Together

    1:1 Individualised Programmes of work for Autistic Children

  • Beauty Therapy

    Look Good feel Good

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